Strains of Arabian Horses

The word strain relative to Arabian horses is associated with the line of descent from the original female line to the present day. This is a cultural phenomenon unique to the Bedouin horse breeding tribes of Arabia and has its roots in legend and lore. Today, strains remain important in the Arab world as a way of maintaining tradition from the breed’s origins. As a way of identifying one’s origin from a good family name, the strains today are still celebrated and given thoughtful consideration in breeding choices at Rancho Bulakenyo.

The strains of the horses of Rancho Bulakenyo are:

  • Dahman Shahwan descending from El Dahma in the stud of Ali Pasha Sherif, through 9 Tamria to Pharrah
  • Dahman Shahwan descending from Bint El Bahreyn of Khedive Abbas Hilme II, through imported mares *Bint Maisa El Saghira (Nazeer x Maisa), *Soheir II (Fagir x Tifla), and *Bint Soheir II (Gubran x *Soheir II)
  • Saqlawi Jidran descending from Ghazieh in the stud of Abbas Pasha, through *Maaroufa (Ibn Rabdan x Mahroussa) and *Wadeea (Zahi x Ferial)
  • Saqlawi Jidran descending from Roga El Beda in the stud of Ali Pasha Sherif through *Bint Mona (Nazeer x Mouna) and *Hoyeda (Morafic x Mouna)
  • Hadban Enzahi descending from Venus in the stud of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II through *EH Bushrah (Al Nowasy x Bint Bint Basima)
  • Kuhaylan Rodan descending from Rodania of the Ruwala Bedouin in the stud of Lady Anne Blunt through *Serenity Sonbolah (Sameh x Bint Om El Saad)
  • Kuhaylan Kroush descending from El Kahila of King Fouad in the Inshass Royal Stud through *Bint Shahbaa I (Gassir x Shahbaa)