The consequence is a premier Arabian of the highest quality as symbolized by Rancho Bulakenyo’s foundation and leading dam of Egyptian champions, RDM Maar Hala. She was a perfect blending of Nazeer and Ibn Rabdan with the dam lines of El Dahma of Ali Pasha Sherif and Ghazieh of Abbas Pasha I. The result is the fineness of Nazeer in nobility and type with Ibn Rabdan’s balance and temperament, and the 19th century qualities of El Dahma and Ghazieh, contributing large, dark eyes, smoothness and graceful curves. Everything else in the Stud is chosen to complement this archetype. Uniquely building a stud on this powerfully influential mare and then introducing key stallions and mares of strains complementary to her, creates an Arabian horse that is immediately recognizable and symbolic of Rancho Bulakenyo.